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Setup a Small Business in Canada

Setting up a small business in Canada requires determination, motivation, high moral and know-how of the business. Following are the steps you need to follow to start up with small business.

Identify Your Business Opportunity: Identify the best possible business for you from the multiple opportunities. It is important to find where you desire lie to understand your personality type.

Prepare a Business Plan: Business plan is must for any business, a business plan permits you to gain a better understanding of your industry structure, competitive landscape, and the capital requirements. Business Analyst observes that companies with business plan have 50% more profits and revenue than non-planning businesses. Writing a business plan just makes good business sense.

Get Start-up Money: To start any business, capital investment is must. Start-up funds for every business is different depending on type of business selected. Finding the money you need may come from a source you never thought of. In Canada the sources of getting money are following:

Canada Small Business Loan Program:

It helps you with your financing needs. Under this program, the Government of Canada makes it easier for small businesses to get loans from financial institutions by sharing the risk with lenders. Program works following ground:

- Who is Eligible: Business which can carry profit with gross annual revenues $5 million or less.

- Who is not eligible: Business which does not fall under Canada Small Business Financial Program is farming business, non-profit organizations, charitable trust and religious organizations.

- How much financing is available?: Provides up to $500,000 of financing, from this no more than $350,000 can be used for purchasing leasehold improvements or improving leased property and purchasing or improving new or used equipment.

- How to apply for Loan?: You need to apply for loan at your bank. If the bank decides to grant you a loan, they register it with Industry Canada. The list of lenders are ATB Financial, Bank of East Asia, Bank of Montreal, Caisses populaires Acadiennes, Caisses populaires de l’Ontario, Canada’s Credit Unions, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Canadian Western Bank, GE Capital Financial Services, HSBC, Laurentian Bank of Canada, Mouvement des caisses Desjardins, National Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust.

Note: Agri-Food Canada has a similar program for the farming industry.

Canadian Youth Business Foundation:

- It is a national charity that provides young entrepreneurs.
- Young entrepreneurs from 18 to 34 may get up to $15,000 as a start up capital, with flexible three to five year repayment schedules.
- 2-year mentoring program need to be attended where you are matched up with dedicated business mentors or business professionals.

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC):

- It is a financial institution wholly owned by the Government of Canada. BDC plays a vital role in delivering financial and consulting services to Canadian small and medium-sized businesses.
- Co-Vision loan can be up to $100,000, which can be repaid over 6 years. If needed, entrepreneurs can postpone principal payments for 12 months.
- Co-Vision specifically targets businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, services and tourism sectors.
- Projects such as working capital, acquisitions, fixed assets, marketing and start-up costs, or the purchase of a franchise can also be financed under Co-Vision.

Name Your Business: What’s in a business name? Find the right name which will distinguish you from your competitors, provide your customers with a reason to hire you, and aid in the branding of your company. Learn what you need to know to find a name for your business.

Select a Business Structure: Deciding on the Business Structure is very important decision; this decision should not be taken lightly. Whether you choose the popular Limited Liability Company (LLC), a sole proprietorship or form a corporation; your choice will have an impact on your business liability, fund-ability as well as taxes due.

Get Your Business License and Permits: Depending on your chosen business structure, may need to register your business with the state authorities. Setting up your small business may require an employer identification number (EIN) which is also used by state taxing authorities to identify businesses. Additional paperwork can entail sales tax licenses, zoning permits and more.

Set Up Your Business Location: One of the multitude of tasks in starting a business is the setting up of your office. There are many steps in office set up including where to locate your office (home or office space), buying the necessary office equipment, designing your work space and getting supplies.

Get Business Insurance: As a new small business owner, you have the responsibility to manage the risks associated with your business. Don’t put your new start-up at risk without getting the proper small business insurance to protect your company in the event of disaster or litigation.

Maintain Accounting System: Unless you’re from accounting or finance background, the accounting and bookkeeping aspect of running your business can’t be avoided. Maintaining your Accounts will help you to understand the financials of running a business and advert failure.

Along with the above you also need to know business legal structures, taxes like GST, PST, Payroll tax and Corporate Income Tax and employer obligations. You can also acquire information from any Business Directory Canada, Online Directory Canada, Yellow Pages Canada or Business Telephone Directory Canada.

Conclusions: There are many entrepreneurs who have lost their everything due to failure in their business. This article will help as a pathway to those who need to Setup a Small Business in Canada.

12 More Steps to Achieve Your Dream Business

Are you a small business owner who continues to have questions about how to have the business of your dreams? Do you want to build or start your own business? I have created more steps to help you achieve the business of your dreams as a welcome addition to any system you may already be using.

1. Why do you call it a Dream Business?

A Dream business owner is committed and passionate with the desire to create more time and success for the client, make more money for themselves and enjoy life. Dreams can be difficult to attain, however, it is the pinnacle for a small business owner. With a plan, all business dreams can be attained.

2. What is the first step a business owner or entrepreneur should take to create a Dream business? Choose personal values.

Values are like your personal operating system. Values are also called guidelines, principles or qualities.

Values help you stay inspired and motivated. Values help you define what is important to you, and what is important about your business. Do your personal and business values align? Values provide you with a strong foundation; a method for living your life to it’s fullest. Clarity is about who you are and what you stand for.

If you already have values that you live by and bring into your business, check to see if they are in alignment with your goals and mission and vision. If they are, great! If they are not, you will be dissatisfied, unhappy and not generate the results you want.

Choose four values and live with your chosen values for thirty days. Re-evaluate at the end of thirty days. If you need to change them, do so.

3. Many business owners share how drained they are. Is there a strategy you can suggest to help them? Learn how to overcome energy drainers, or tolerations, to stop being drained. Tolerations are the little aggravations that waste your time and use your energy. Tolerations can become big stressors if ignored.

When you eliminate tolerations, you constantly produce improvements in both your business and personal life.

Let’s say you have a missing client, or a habit, such as too much social media, that may be taking up your time. Or you are busy deleting constant email messages instead of unsubscribing to so many groups.

Each time you become aware of this, you waste energy feeling guilty about not handling it properly. This drains your energy. Small tolerations accumulate and build up to a point where you don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning!

A solution is to create a list of at least ten (10) things that you are tolerating right now. Remember to write them down. Choose your Top Five and plan on removing at least these five (5) in thirty (30) days. Eliminating small tolerations can sometimes eliminate bigger ones along the way.

4. As a business owner or entrepreneurs we have so much to do. What is the best way to leverage our tasks?

I advocate my Daily Dream Business System, which consists of 3 Daily High Value Activities.

Systems are vital to help keep you focused and organized. The Daily Dream Business System is probably the number one focal point to help keep your eye on the prize. For those of you who may have long to-do lists, completing only three tasks per day may seem insufficient.

Why only three tasks per day, you may ask. What you are doing with three tasks is to leverage your information.

One article can leverage your exposure multi-fold. You can publish it on, post it on your blog, twitter it to your connections, offer it to your Facebook friends or fan page and make it part of an upcoming book or special report.

5. What is your best secret to attract more clients and more money to your dream business?

Do you want to know a secret to attract more clients and money easily and effortlessly?

Include different price points for your clients.

In order to get known, liked and trusted, people want to experience you. What better way than to provide no-cost offers such as: newsletters, articles, presentation and tele-classes (classes via telephone conference calls).

After you determine these potential new clients are a fit for your business or practice, then offer them higher fee products and services.

Pricing is very subjective. Do you want to price your products or services to just make a sale or do you want to have a variety of prices to keep your prospects interested?

Higher fee products can include a weekend event, products that include CDs and booklets, and one-on-one coaching and consulting.

6. What is your next best secret to attract more clients?

Write articles. No matter what your business is, you can write an article that will be of interest and value to potential and existing customers. This article can be used on your website as a free product, or given away for those who sign up for your newsletter. Write several articles on a similar topic and you are on your way to having enough material for a book. Article marketing is the number one way to establish your credibility and attain new clients.

7. Sometimes small business owners feel that they are alone in their pursuits of a Dream Business. What can they do to help themselves?

If you feel alone, you can create a team of experts. Work with a mentor, hire a coach, and network only with people who are in alignment with your thinking.

To begin with, choose someone who thinks the way you do, has a bigger vision than, and can bring their expertise to the table. You and your business will move further and faster. If you are interested in a Master Mind group, consider the advantage of starting your own group.

Create a Master Mind group that meets once a week. We all need an outside, objective resource who is as passionate as you are about your work.

Just don’t do it alone, anymore.

8. With so much to do in a small business, how can a business owner handle all the responsibilities? Do you find yourself tired after being on the computer for a while? Do you run out of time to post to your Twitter, Facebook or articles accounts? Are you drained at the end of the day?

When you use your brain for tasks your brain finds demanding, stress can take its toll. If you are a creative person, spending time in bookkeeping will exhaust you before you know it. It takes over one hundred times the energy to work out of your brain comfort zone. That means if you are a creative person, details can exhaust you.

One solution is to hire an intern from your local college. They can get credit and training from you at the same time. Outsource as much as possible. Go to Craigslist, place and ad or even answer an ad. High school is also a place for low fee interns who want to learn business. Check out your nearest Office Depot and ask any of the employees behind the counter if they are looking for more work. If you can, hire a Virtual Assistant on a project-by-project basis.

9. Most business owners try to handle too many tasks at once. How can they make their life easier?

Stop multitasking. Do you find yourself talking on the telephone while searching on the internet? Do you try searching for that file while someone is speaking to you? If you work at home, are you in the kitchen while a client is on the telephone? This is called multitasking and studies show that it hinders your memory. What appears to be age related memory loss might turn out to be multi-task related instead.

Get rid of your to-do list and focus on completing your three High Value Activities each and every day. These HVAs are specifically related to your business. High Value Activities are wrapped around time, money and energy.

10. Several of business owners and us entrepreneurs feel as if we have a calling. How do you explain this? If you feel compelled to present your service in a definite way and people come to you when they are in desperate situations, then you have a gift.

Each of us does, have a gift, that is. However, if you are in business, you have an additional responsibility in this world. Your responsibility is to provide your service or product while treating yourself and your business with respect.

If you give away any part of this extraordinary gift that you have been given, it is disrespectful. It is disrespectful not only to yourself, but also to whoever gave you this special gift. Do not shame yourself or your gift by compromising your fees, your values, your character or your gift. You have this special gift. Use it for the highest good.

Treat your gift with respect, know that you are of service, and yet maintain the boundaries necessary to keep you safe and sane.

11. How do you answer business owners who say that don’t have enough money to accomplish their Dream Business?

Are you always running out of money, especially when you need it the most? Do you rely on money as the only way to build your Dream Business? Does not having the money you think you need prevent you from being a success?

Money seems to be the first and last excuse to create your Dream Business. It is truly not about the money but about your willingness to look outside your small world to a bigger place with more opportunities. If you look at investing in yourself instead of ‘spending money on yourself’, your view may change.

The biggest group of complainers about not having money is the ones most in need of help. If prospects come after you for free help, refer them to this list.

a) Read others’ articles.

b) Subscribe to a few (very few) pertinent newsletters.

c) Attend free tele-classes in your area of interest.

d) Ask your peers for help.

e) Present as prosperous a picture as possible.

f) Make a decision that will move you forward.

Remember it is not about the money, it is about the belief in yourself and what you are doing.

12. What would be your final word today to business owners, entrepreneurs or executives? I would say to trust your instincts more. Check in with your feelings on daily basis. Are you truly doing what you want? If not, look at transforming parts of your business and yourself. Trust these feelings. We all have down days, however; too many down days mean a down business.

To know how to choose a path with heart is to learn how to follow intuitive feeling. Logic can tell you superficially where a path might lead to, but it cannot judge whether your heart will be in it.

I trust that 12 More Steps will help you get what you want, a successful life and business, with time to enjoy the fruits of your calling. The best to you always.